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Mr. T.K. Kapoor founded Trikausch in 1973 with a vision to provide solutions to the Infrastructure sector in India.

With a focus on Hydrocarbons for the first 20 years, Trikausch has supported major developments in the Government and Private sectors in alliance with its International Associates.

In the mid-1990’s, post liberalization of the Indian economy, Trikausch forayed for Associations to serve the Civil Infrastructure for Water, Utility, and Transport projects by providing solutions for mechanized tunneling. Trikausch has been pivotal in introducing these technologies and solutions in India.

Now in its 5th decade, Trikausch is offering a complete range of solutions – Equipments and Services for new construction and maintenance of the existing Infrastructure Assets, with complete involvement in the venture from project conceptualization to development, including active participation with the project owners and design consultants.

For the past 40+ years, Trikausch has been a leading supplier of Construction equipments and services. Serving the on shore and off shore Energy industries in the Oil and Gas and Power Sector, Trikausch has upheld a successful track record for providing construction equipments and services for construction of assets...
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Trikausch has led the way in introducing mechanized solutions for the construction of tunnels for the transport sector, as part of the Indian Government’s projects for upgrading the city infrastructure for mass rapid transit systems in the country...
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